About us

The Orthopaedic Network is non-profitable and non-affiliated group set-up by professionals within the Trauma & Orthopaedic community in the United Kingdom.

We aim to represent, convey, facilitate and promote issues pertaining to our professional and social wellbeing as well charitable and welfare initiatives. As individuals within this field this provides us with an advantageous and distinct position which is independent of any political or institutional pressures or leanings.


Realised a hiatus and lack of cohesion nationally amongst orthopaedic professionals

Devised a forum and vehicle to allow mutual collaboration and development of careers and personas


The enhancement of orthopaedic practices by awareness, education, integration, leadership and facilitation


To embrace a vibrant & innovative orthopaedic community, enabling excellence in the delivery of surgical practice and knowledge


Develop a community which facilitates the orthopaedic education of trainees, consultants and other subspecialties

  • Provision of resources for MRCS/ FRCS/ subspecialty exams

  • Points of contact for exam preparation

Create international links for the development of surgical skills, orthopaedic practice and intellectual excellence

  • Database for fellowships which can be facilitated and recommended by members

  • Opportunities to teach on and undertake international courses relevant to T&O locally and internationally

Become a representative forum for orthopaedic professionals of a similar background in developing their careers further

  • Provide opportunities to engage in work outside the UK

  • Engagement in charitable causes

  • Evolve as a unit of people & looking after our interests in the changing NHS

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